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Our company name, Los Kitos Produce, comes from a cartoon strip named Los Kitos after the Spanish term “muñequitos”or little dolls. Los Kitos was created by Martha Montoya, President and owner of Los Kitos Produce and Farms. The comic strip features delightful and colorful animated characters including a mouse, pig, dog, and the sun.

The Los Kitos cartoon strip was first published in 1995 by top Spanish daily La Opinion Los Angeles. With universal appeal, the comic now runs in some 375 newspapers worldwide. Los Kitos is syndicated by Tribune Co.’s Tribune Media Services and has an average of 100,000 readers per daily circulation and 6 million monthly readers. Our characters provide tools to bridge the gap to the new world, providing bilingual readers information in a simple fast form.


We’ve created millions of edu-comics and promotional materials for fortune 500 companies across the U.S. as a fun and educational way to reach the Hispanic community. Los Kitos Produce also reaches millions of households each year through the fun and attractive packaging on our strawberry, citrus, apples and melon brands.

The Los Kitos Produce label particularly resonates with North American Hispanics as it is part of their daily cultural news, yet the label is also friendly and delightful to all consumers.


To learn more about Los Kitos visit www.loskitos.com. 


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